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Staff Directory

A photo of PHES Principal Jeffrey DiRenzo


Name Contact Position
Jeffrey DiRenzo Principal

 Assistant Principal

Name Contact Position
Amanda Kellam Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Name Contact Position
Niki Lewis Secretary to the Principal
Micki Bell Records Secretary
Sonya Mitchell-Bailey Parent Liaison Title 1

Health Office

Name Contact Position
Elizabeth Ballou School Nurse
Lisa Longworth School Psychologist
Ali Hudson School Social Worker


Name Contact Position
Jenifer Kearns Instructional Resource Teachers
Laurie McGrath Instructional Resource Teachers
Angie Schaeffer Instructional Resource Teachers
Lili Meyer IRT Paraeducator
Dana Smith IRT Paraeducator


Name Contact Position
Haley Thorn  School Counselor
Dana Randall Pupil Personnel Worker


Name Contact Position
Leslie Drechsler ESOL
Ariana Paribello ESOL
Heath McCracken Art Teacher  (Monday, Tuesday, Friday)
Donna Squier Art Teacher (Wednesday,Thursday)
Wendy Briggs Media Specialist (Full Time)
Darci Doering Media Specialist (Split)
Natalie Bugler Media Clerk
Catherine Love Music & Chorus
Alexandra Kennedy Music & Band
Annaleise Jones Strings 
Michael Malone Physical Education
Mary Wood Physical Education
 Melissa Tran ISI Center Monitor


Name Contact Position
Amy Kodluboy Teacher
Brenda Barron Paraeducator
Taylor Guice

Alice Liston Teacher
Sydney Smith Paraeducator
Nicole Cooley Paraeducator


Name Contact Position
Rachael Riviere Teacher
Jasmine Aghedo Paraeducator
Maysen Salazar Teacher
Stephanie Schmelzer Paraeducator
Tyiss Rothwell Teacher
Christina Rowan Paraeducator
Angie Conroy Scrom  Teacher
Adriana Burch Paraeducator

First Grade

Name Contact Position
Cali Chase Teacher
Kristen Gyorgy Teacher
Amy Powell Teacher
Katherine DiDomenico Teacher
Jill Severance Teacher

Second Grade

Name Contact Position
Stacey Haskin Teacher
Brianne Carlisle Teacher
Stephanie Rawlings Teacher

Third Grade

Name Contact Position
 Sierra Purcell Teacher
Bert Hindman Teacher
Claudette Lindo-Ebanks Teacher
Jessie Hood Teacher
Brittany Payne Teacher

Fourth Grade

Name Contact Position
Sara Baney Teacher
Savannah Read Teacher
Myranda Barry Teacher
Henry Morin Teacher

Fifth Grade

Name Contact Position
Ari Citrin Teacher
James Shaffer Teacher
Emily Thomson Teacher
Billy Halbritter Teacher

Special Education

Name Contact Position
 Laurie McGrath IEP Chairperson
Lindsay Chiasson Grades: PreK through 2
Rhonda Bain Grades: 3 and 4
Katherine Larkin Grades: 4 and 5
Claire Van Beek Speech Language Pathologist
Gilberta Campbell Occupational Therapist
Amanda Huffman Paraeducator
Mangala Simha Paraeducator

Building Service Staff

Name Contact Position
Paul Fenwick Manager
Edward Boswell Asst. Manager
Anitra McLeod Building Service Worker

Cafeteria Staff

Name Contact Position
Melissa Burgess Cafeteria Manager